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Curly Girl Method experiences and before and after pictures

Are you wondering how long it will take before your beautiful and healthy curls appear, after you’ve started the Curly Girl Method? Or how to get soft and resilient curls thanks to this method? If you’re new to the Curly Girl movement, it can be nice to read experiences from other curly girls, so you know where you stand. To give you a quick answer: the Curly Girl Method works differently for everyone. Count on at least six weeks before you will see the real result and get to show off your big head of curls. But don’t let this stop you: usually you’ll see a difference right after your first CG routine, because the final wash will make your hair react well to the new mild hair products. In the blogs in this category, several curly girls take you through their first time Curly Girl Method experiences and share the before and after pictures of their curls. Keep in mind: with patience, good habits, perseverance and the use of products that are suitable for your hair, your soft, healthy and vibrant curls will emerge. Look at all your predecessors, you’re no different from them!