One of the most important steps in the Curly Girl Method is to stop shampooing your curls. As a Curly Girl you wash your hair with conditioner. This is also called Co-washing, short for conditioner washing. Here for you use a conditioner that is free of silicones, parabens and sulphates. Are you curious which conditioners are CGM-proof? In the list below you will find our recommendations. These will help define, moisturize and soften your curls making your hair frizz-free. What else do you want?


According to the Curly Girl Method, you wash your curls with conditioner instead of shampoo. Preferably a conditioner free of silicones, parabens and sulphates. This because shampoo often contains for your hair harmful cleaners, such as sulphates. These harsh cleaners do their jobs so well they wash away your hair’s natural oils, resulting in damaging the structure of your hair. This can cause an irritated and dry scalp, frizzy hair and hair that quickly gets greasy. Washing your curls with a conditioner, which is co-washing, is much more gentle on your hair and scalp. In addition, naturally curls are drier than straight hair and need extra moisturizing. Curious which conditioners are CGM-proof? In the list above you will find a number of conditioners for curls. Choose from brands such as Novex and Shea Moisture and click on the products to read the reviews.