One of the most important steps in the Curly Girl Method is to stop washing your curls with shampoos that contain sulfates. As a Curly Girl, it is better to wash your hair with a co-wash: short for conditioner washing, gentler on your hair and scalp.


Because most hair products contain silicone, you may suffer from a build up: an accumulation of hair products on your hair. In general, silicones are not water soluble. This closes off your hair, preventing it from breathing. With a Final Wash Shampoo you wash the build up of products and especially silicones from your hair. So you can start the Curly Girl Method with a clean slate! In addition, the Final Wash ensures that your hair can absorb more moisture and nourishing ingredients from your new CG-friendly products. The above Final Wash Shampoos are Curly Girl-proof, and therefore do not contain silicones and parabens, but they do contain sulfates.

So for the Final Wash you need a shampoo without silicones and parabens, but with sulfates. That may sound strange, because the Curly Girl Method wants to avoid sulfates. But precisely because sulfates do their job so well, they remove the silicone build up from your curls. That is why they are very suitable if you are just starting with the CGM hair routine. Then you can start using Curly Girl-proof products, so without sulfates. Most own brand shampoos for every day and for babies are suitable as Final Wash. We recommend that you check the label of all Final Wash Shampoos that you buy, including those from the above list, to make sure that the product contains sulfates but no silicones. After you wash your curls with a Final Wash Shampoo, they can feel dry and damaged, and they probably are. Therefore, care for and treat your curls with Curly Girl Method-friendly products, such as a deep conditioner.