There are several ways to style your curls according to the Curly Girl Method. One of them is gel. The benefits of this include better curl definition, more hold and less frizz.


To choose the right gel for your type of curls, it’s important that you know your hair characteristics. Think of your curl and hair type and other hair characteristics such as hair porosity and the elasticity of your hair. Once you know this, you can look at the list above and choose from brands such as Eco Style, Camille Rose, Curls Goddess, Bounce Curl, Curls, Aunt Jackie’s, and The Mane. Also, we recommend reading the reviews of all gels. Once you find the right gel for your curls, you can start using it. According to the Curly Girl Method, you start with a co-wash, then use a deep conditioner, to later apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair and finish with the gel. For applying the gel, you can start with the praying hands technique and then scrunch. For drying you can use the plopping technique, or you can let it air dry. Is your hair dry? Then your curls will probably feel crunchy, that’s called a gel cast. You can “break” this cast to let your soft and healthy curls appear. By using the Scrunch out the Crunch method you gently squeeze out the gel cast with as result beautiful curls. This is one of many ways to use gel for your curls, check out what works well for you!