There are several ways to style your curls according to the Curly Girl Method. One of them is with mousse. The advantages of this include beautiful volume, more hold and shiny hair. A mousse especially for curls strengthens the shape of the curl and softens the hair, making it less or not frizzy. There are many different types of mousse, there is one for every hair type and hair characteristics. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite CG-proof mousse products below.


Mousse is mainly used by people with wavy hair, also called wavy hair. Mousse is a lightweight product that does not weigh down your hair. But it is also an ideal hair product for people who like to go easy and fast. Mousse causes a less hard cast than gel, which also dries your hair faster.

To choose the right mousse for your curls, it is important that you know your hair characteristics. Think of your curl and hair type, hair characteristics, and the porosity and elasticity of your hair. If you know this, you can look at the list above and choose your favorite curly mousse. Also read the reviews of all mousse products. All the above products are mousse for curls without silicone and alcohol.

Once you find the right mousse for your curls, you can start using it. For best results, use mousse on wet rather than dry hair. Following the Curly Girl Method, you start with a co-wash, then use a deep conditioner, then apply a leave-in conditioner to wet hair, and finish with a styling product such as mousse. Another way is the mousse gel mousse technique. This means that on wet hair you first apply mousse, then gel and then mousse again. You do not have to use two different mousse products, this can simply be the same mousse. Then you can scrunch your hair with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel and let it air dry or diffuse.