When taking care of your natural curls, it is good to not only think about your hair routine for the day, but also how you can get through the night in such a way that your curls are not damaged too much and still look great the next day. look possible. This can be done by using a satin or silk pillowcase. We are happy to help you with this list of our favorite satin or silk pillowcases.


On a satin or silk pillowcase, your hair will slide along, as it were, instead of rubbing against each other like on a cotton pillowcase. Cotton is much rougher, causing your hair to rub against each other or against the pillowcase. Thanks to a satin or silk pillowcase, you get less frizzy hair, tangles, and split ends. Furthermore, cotton has the property of absorbing moisture. During the night, cotton extracts the moisture and natural oils that are present on your hair and scalp. Satin and silk do not. This keeps the moisture on your hair and scalp, where it belongs.

Which fabric suits you best depends on you, your budget, your needs and your lifestyle preferences. For example, do you want the softest possible pillowcase for your curls? Then choose silk. Do you have a smaller budget or do you have a vegan lifestyle? Then satin is often a good solution, but pay attention to what the satin woven product is made of.