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Curls are hard work, these are the best tips for beautiful curls

Anyone with curly hair knows: the road to healthy curly hair can be a bumpy one. Dull and frizzy hair, undefined curls; we all suffer from it now and then. It can have different causes. Think of the wrong hair care, too much silicones in your hair, drying your hair with a towel (or even worse: with a hair dryer), or brushing your hair when it’s dry. And that’s not surprising, because you don’t learn how to take care of naturally curly hair in school. We wish you do! Luckily, online there are lots of tips and tricks for curls available. One of them is the Curly Girl Method, invented by Lorraine Massey, of which we are huge fans. Because thanks to the Curly Girl Method your hair will curl better and more beautiful. How come? You will treat your hair more gently and don’t damage it anymore by using hair products with silicones or sulfates, blow dryers, chemical treatments and brushes. This improves your hair and the condition of your scalp, and that means a head of beautiful curls! Can you picture yourself like that? Then quickly read our blogs about curls, so you’ll actually look like that soon.