Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase – Pink Agate


Supercharge your beauty sleep with the Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase in the colour Pink Agate. Conventional cotton pillowcases create friction, creasing the skin and rubbing your hair, causing wrinkles and frizz to form. Over time, this friction also causes breakage in the hair, weakening the fibres.

Exclusive to lookfantastic, along with being carefully crafted and refined over ten years, the pure silk fabric is of the utmost softness and durability. Made from the highest grade of Mulberry silk, the material is soft on the skin and gentle on the hair. Specially designed, the fibres are non-absorbent, reducing transfer and letting your hair and skin hold onto essential oils and moisture. This has an anti-ageing effect, keeping your skin hydrated for longer and minimising creasing, which can eventually lead to the formation of wrinkles and reduce your skin’s natural elasticity. As if that wasn’t enough, the pillowcase is also machine washable, letting you maintain the health of your skin and hair with ease. With this pillowcase by your side, you can enjoy an overnight beauty treatment, every night.

100% Silk


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